how do we define responsible travel?

We have developed the principles jointly with travelers and travel professional.  We define travel impact as the sum and interaction of the following:
3Ps = People + Planet + Potential = + travel impact
Essentially, we takes into account the environmental (planet), social (people) and economic (potential) travel impact. 



Planet related principles

1. wildlife, biodiversity & natural habitat
2. water & energy
3. climate
4. waste

People related principles

5. jobs & education
6. decent work
7. inclusivity & opportunities
8. community, heritage & culture

Potential related principles

9. investment
10. resilience
11. ethics
12. local sourcing


Positive Travel Principle +1
Ensure fair pay and decent working conditions.

Positive Travel Principle +2
Create jobs and career opportunities.
Ensure equal opportunities.

Positive Travel Principle. +3
Refrain from child or slave labour.
Respect local and indigenous populations.

Positive Travel Principle
Participate in local community life.
Respect cultural and natural heritage.


Positive Travel Principle +5
Respect biodiversity a and natural habitat.

Positive Travel Principle +6
Use clean and renewable energy sources.
Use water responsibly.

Positive Travel Principle +7
Reduce and compensate CO2 emission.

Positive Travel Principle

Reduce and eliminate waste.


Positive Travel Principle. +9
Invest responsibly:
consider both financial return and social/ environmental good.

Positive Travel Principle. +10
Develop resilient infrastructure:
able to withstand or recover quickly (natural disasters, conflict, etc).

Positive Travel Principle. +11
Refrain from illegal activities and corruption.
Secure fairly traded goods and services.

Positive Travel Principle
Purchase from local suppliers.
Use local staff, products and services.